About us

Behind the brand....its all about the story..

Reis Voyage wildlife photography was born out of love for wildlife in Africa. From our years of living in Africa we wanted to use this time to create and reflect. Custom designing photography from our own wildlife adventures and to bring an element of the safari to your home or office. In times of need we would like to support wildlife conservation especially since the monies generated by our tourism dollars are now nearly non-existent. By purchasing one of our designs you are helping to support ongoing conservation initiatives.


African Parks encompassing 18 national parks located in East, Central, West and Southern Africa. A non for profit organisation responsible for rehabiliating protected areas and working alongside local communities and in partnership with government facilitators. Relocating elephant, rhino and lion into some of Africa's most desolate areas. A portion of the proceeds generated from our work will help to assist African Parks in their endeavour to protect our wildlife. More information on African Parks can be found in the link above. Or contact us for more information on how you can help.


**All photography/imagery on our website is subject to copyright laws. Should you wish to use any of our images please contact us directly.