We have been busy how about you..!

The dreaded "C" word has definitely curbed our wings in the way of international travel. Looking to head off to Africa anytime soon seems like an eternity away in the future or beyond..!


Though with a bit of innovation, inspiration and creativity we have designed a new way to bring African wildlife prints into your home, outdoor space or office. For those who prefer more abstract art or prints with a difference, then we are definitely for you.

The featured website designs are from our very own experiences, highlighting wildlife conservation areas in East and Southern Africa. The ethos behind our work is - people who buy from us support wildlife, who support conservation, who in turn support local communities, who then are the people who support and protect wildlife. Tongue twisted..? I am..!  

Our collection of corrugated iron prints are from various wildlife sightings and local cultural visits. Majority of the structures you will see in small local villages or shanti towns are made out of "mbati" meaning tin roof in Kiswahili. The corrugated iron designs are durable, waterproof and can be placed indoors or outdoors. We do use two different styles of corrugated sheeting with each having its own artistic effect. 

If your after something a little different to highlight an outdoor space, that is low maintenance and is a conversation piece. Why not have a look through our collections and see what you think!

But also don't forget a portion of every sale is donated to wildlife conservation. To protect wildlife against poaching and support local communities. Feel good factor...definitely..!

Alternatively send us an email if there is something you don't see and we can help you with!


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