We are still here..! And we haven't forgotten about you....

You have probably been wondering where we are!! And yes don't worry we are still here........!   In short, life over the past few weeks has been a really busy time for us, we have created new designs to add to our collections, and currently updating our website to feature a friendlier client experience. By creating background inspiration for our photography, it will help you to visualise how our designs would look and feel in any home or office space. Am sure you are going to love what we have done!

Our abstract collection has grown even bigger and we are excited to have experimented with new ways to help enhance our product features. Especially in the way of using resin for our newly designed corrugated iron coffee tables. Bringing that industrial look to life and how we can further advance our corrugated iron collection.

With our home building project also now done and dusted, and the awe-inspiring home sold, it was a great success to see how our work was featured. The designs are up on our home page so make sure to check it out. It will give you an idea of what we can do. Custom orders are welcomed and we do personalise these to suit your requirements.

Our wood collection is next on the website list with our three various ideas of design being uploaded this week. You will need to watch this space as I think you will more than like our small masai side tables. Just to give you a little hint....

International travel is still looking unlikely for the remainder of 2021, and we are hoping that 2022 will bring us some sort of reprieve. If you feel Africa is a place for you in the near future, make sure you keep an eye out for us. Travelling on our next safari hopefully just around the corner.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more wildlife inspiration!! Also if you would like to come and see us in person we have a space for that too just get in touch. 

Keep it a wild week...!

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