Photography & Lashes a work of Art......

Beautiful eyelashes on an elephant mmm yes and oh and how long they are..!.

Beautiful eyelashes on a giraffe definitely!! Both are relative and different in their own way but everything in wildlife and nature is unique. Pure natural beauty as defined in the eye of the beholder. 


Guess you are wondering where I am going with this? Well….

Reis Voyage Wildlife Designs and Prints have collaborated with Prolong Lash Australia ™  to bring together our passion for all things nature and natural. 

Prolong Lash Australia ™ has developed a product that is free of any little nasties and based on Glycerine, Glycerol and Oil. Truly an inspirational product for those wanting to ensure natural beauty. Working to the elements of nature, to rehabilitate and to enjoy the long term effects of managing our own beautiful lashes.

From our very own wildlife experiences we wanted to use this time of uncertainty to break out into creative photography. Adding a touch of difference and feeling to our photographic work.

Our collections are designed with a twist of passion and adventure, aptly named as our Wildlife Art Revival. We have created ways to reconnect by using a variety of different styles.

In our endeavour to help wildlife conservation, you can assist in wildlife areas being protected, create jobs, local community schools to be built and by encouraging people to visit these wild landscapes.

For more information on the Prolong Lash ™ product range follow the link below:

As for us click into our collections to include a piece of our wildlife art in your home..!

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