Inspiring Designs to Highlight your home in 2021...

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a lovely time over the Christmas holidays and ready to take on 2021! Taking off here we go!

Tired of looking at your home decor and thinking that you need to change it up a little this year? Whether it be an interior or exterior area that you would like to revamp, we would definitely love to help you.

As we are spending more time than ever at home the need for moving things around is so much more fun.  We have been working behind the scenes on new creative designs and gradually uploading them to the website over the coming week. Some we think are a little funky and out there but hey why not colour it up!

Colour pop breaking the rules and adding a bit more abstract elements to each image. Or even some heat haze like our zebra's above makes for great photographic contrasts. The look on canvas comes out really well with the stripes of the zebra merging towards the heat haze. Maybe try our mini corry to give the design an even more rustic effect.

We recently found another home for our smiley Masai's with one of our lovely and loyal clients here in Melbourne. They are pride and place above the barbecue filling a large outdoor space with their vibrant personalities. Just to give you an idea of the area, the print is 84 x 100 CM, which is a pretty decent size to feature on this wall. Reminder too that a portion of sales does go to wildlife conservation.

With another few designs coming back from the printer today on our mini corry, can't wait to see how these will feature! So watch this space and don't forget any feedback on our designs is appreciated. Oh and don't be afraid to follow us on social media as we would love to have you onboard!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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