How do you define your latest project...?

What is your latest project and how do you define it's style. Is it a piece of art or a small item for the kitchen, bathroom or living space that has caught your attention?

How does it affect the choices you make and is there a certain need or want that makes you just want to have it. If your project is photography then it is a bit like choosing a soul mate, it needs to connect with you, give you inspiration everytime you look and ponder. Most of all it must make you feel absolutely alive everyday. 

Does your project or idea have a story or theme that you want to portray? Is it different or do a hundred million people have the same one item in their homes. Do you want create a project with a difference or simply make a statement?

Not everyone connects with photography art or certain aspects of wildlife for that matter. Though when standing in amongst our mesmerising Canvas Art or Corrugated designs you just can help but feel the exhilaration.

We all have our favourite wildlife animal on our safari bucket list. Though for most of us not being able to travel at the moment we can only envisage being there. Dreaming of a remote wilderness that literally takes our minds to another world.

But back onto our subject!

Projects keep us busy and often looking for that unusual piece that is a conversation starter can be a little hard. When trying to imagine how you will decorate a small space or how you will add that spark to your garden or outdoor area. We can help to customise different designs to suit and a majority of our business so far has been this way. Our corrugated iron prints can withstand the outdoor elements and are fantastic on your fence, in the garden or even over the BBQ! 

Why not drop us an email or even come and visit us at our office. Secretly I think you would be pretty impressed and we would love to assist with any project or give you some ideas.

On that we hope you enjoy the rest of the week and keep on being wild!

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