A Christmas to Celebrate the good times are here....

If you looked back on this year and thought it would turn out the way it did, imagine the first word that instantly springs to mind..! I am pretty sure we could guess a few interesting choice words to describe it...


Like many people adapting and diversifying in 2020 it has been a different kind of fun. Thinking outside of the box has become the new 'business' normal. Right in time for Christmas too..!

If someone had said that we would be building a new website and turning our photography passion into artwork and safari travel would halt. My instant reaction would be one of total disbelief...! But it did and here we are Merry Christmas..!

The positives of 2020 for us have far outweighed the negatives and taking that step back in both personal life and business. Has given us new challenges by focusing on what is sacred whether that being family, health or supporting wildlife conservation.

Our business is growing and our corrugated iron collection is really starting to come along. Just so you know we do source our own corrugated sheeting and then cut it to our desire size for print. The photography designs are our own experiences in Africa and for everyone to have a piece of wildlife art in their home. 

We have added in new pieces into both our Mini Corrugated Iron and Canvas collections which we think you will enjoy. Trekking the Gorillas in Rwanda and seeing these beautiful creatures in real life is awe inspiring. Any of our photos can be created into cushion covers if you are looking for that Christmas pressie with a difference.

Feel free to get in touch even if it is just to say hi or give us your thoughts and feedback.

From all of us here at Reis Voyage we wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year to bring in 2021...!

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