Africa Inspiration behind the brand

As we work through these weird and crazy times the thought of getting back to Africa seems like a dream waiting to come true. Navigating unchartered territory will be the new normal and wildlife safaris never better. 

Hand Sanitiser will have a whole new meaning and mass buffet meals totally off the table. On the table will be private dinners in line with social distancing even though bringing us that bit closer together.

Conservation efforts combined with small intimate camps will pave the way forward and relieve us from the mass numbers of before. Tourism dollars being put back into the destination rather than some hip pockets could not have come at a better time.

But until we can escape to the African lands all we can do is dream….

It was mid-September on a very humid afternoon on the banks of the Kwando river, one of Namibia’s main water supplies to the Caprivi. The rains had started to fall in nearby Angola which saw the grand river flow full, even though the land around it was barren and dry. 

Bringing relief to all wildlife in the park who had endured a very dry winter. One elephant herd in particular expressed their joy by putting on a spectacular water performance while crossing the river Kwando. 

As the matriarch of the herd led them into the water their cries of joy could be heard all around, swimming and submerging their mammoth body’s in great delight. This looked to be a great reward after what seemed to be a hard and tiering journey through the vast dry lands from where they came. As they continued to enjoy, spraying and sparing with each other, you can’t help thinking these great beasts of the land look equally at home in the water. A subtle and calm vibrating call from the matriarch signalled the end of this short-lived paradise, the family slowly grouped together and began the next part of their ongoing journey through this beautiful wilderness.

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