3 Ways we can Help to Decorate your Space...

"Wind gently touches the side of the tent with only a whisper of sound. The calling sounds of hyena and lion during the night have stirred us in our sleep, and then with a silence putting us back into a sound slumber. The morning dawn starts to filter through the night light and rays of sun poke into our dreams, bringing a new awakeness. Ground Hornbills call in the distance with their jungle drum like sound and the smell of fresh coffee bringing us to our senses. Excitement gathers as we quickly get dressed in anticipation for our morning game drive. A pride of lion have been near camp during the night, binoculars and photography gear in hand we head out to capture yet again another wildlife story…."

Capturing wildlife in the moment and can you imagine just being there. Think we may have captured your attention now...!!

When it comes to selecting a Canvas Print for your home or office space, what would you choose? Thinking of a Corrugated Iron piece or a colorful wildlife Canvas or even maybe a Wood Print. Our prints can be customised to suit any space. Below we have created 3 ways that can help you feature that something different, with an inspiring story.

#1: Renovating your Bathroom - how about one of our corrugated iron pieces framed or unframed. Above the bath tub like the picture below or even next to your shower the options can be endless. Wanting that serene feeling of nature as you relax and unwind, to take away the worries of everyday life. Corrugated Iron Designs and sizes can be custom made to suit.

#2: Home Office space - since so many of us are working from home these days why not brighten up your office with one of our Abstract Canvas pieces. When the work load gets a bit to much and you need a break. Why not sit back and picture being on safari in South Luangwa in Zambia, where the Ground Hornbills call to the sound of beating drums. Canvas designs can be custom made or modified to suit, you can also purchase the print only and do the framing yourself.

 #3: Kitchen or Outdoor Entertaining area - thinking of have an afternoon relaxing in Australia's great outdoors? One thing I have learnt you can never have to many entertaining boards. They are ideal for cheese platters, serving boards, chopping boards and great conservation starters. Especially if there is a story to tell, they are even great just as a feature, decoration piece. Or for the more creative a small side table and we have a design for that too. Imagine having this guy lazily looking at you everyday! Wooden boards can be customed designed in different sizes.

If you like our decorating and inspiring ideas let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing how we can help bring wild inspiration into your ideal space soon..!

Kwaheri! Justine

Ps: Christmas is just around the corner, if you have an idea don't forget to order before the end of November..!

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