12 months of Christmas 2021….

Hohoho! Tis the season to be jolly..! Christmas is here and what a year it has been! Loving that the Xmas tree is up and now just for the presents to go underneath. To be honest I am not really sure where to start first…maybe I might put my daughters present under first! She generally is a little easier to buy for then my other family members. Well sometimes!

So here begs the question, do you ever get stuck with gift ideas on what to buy for your family and friends? Maybe a work colleague who is having a birthday or anniversary, simply what do you buy? If you a keen outdoor or gardening guru like myself and enjoy a little landscaping or decorating, then there might just be an idea that I can help you with.

When I first started pivoting our business into photography art back in late 2020 the challenge was trying to be that bit different. And, I think over the past year we have managed to do just that with our corrugated iron collection.  Our designs are a way to portray a story with wildlife, travel adventures, personal milestones and wonderful family moments. People of all walks of life are choosing to put our corrugated iron prints either on their fence, gate, brick wall and outdoor patio areas.

If soothing landscapes and rolling waves is your thing for 2022 we can help feature that too.

What I actually love most about the corrugated iron prints is that they look great in any space. Individually sized to suit any area, indoors or outdoors they are perfect. Even on the front of a stable door for your most loved horse or goat for that matter! Gosh even in our office we have tables made out of our printed designs!

Wildlife Office

Though for latter you will have to come and visit us to see what they look like, there is always a catch I know. But I think you would enjoy the coffee too.

On that note keep an eye out us for 2022, we have few new ideas we are working on for next year. A big thank you to all of our wonderful clients that have supported us over the past twelve months. By this you have helped support wildlife conservation in Africa, especially during these past couple of unsettling years. We couldn't have done it without you!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Christmas, fun times for the New Year and look forward to meeting you all in 2022!

Thank you from me and the Reis Team!

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