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Wildlife Art Revival....

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Our own made Inspiration....

Why our Wildlife Designs....?

Whether it be a custom made cushion cover, a canvas print or a photographic print on corrugated iron, we can design a piece of artwork to any space. Reflecting the vibrant and rustic colours of Africa's wildlife, culture and its beautiful people.

Our work is inspired by local materials such as canvas used in the tented camps and "mbati" meaning tin roofing in Kiswhali. 


Sleeping under the sea in Tanzania was an extraordinary experience. Fulfilling your soul with a new found luxury, listening to waves gently splashing against the deck was soothing.


Please feel free to send us a review as we would really appreciate your feedback. 

Thank you!

Wow the cushions are gorgeous and I love the fabric. Postage packaging is clean and simple I will certainly be showing others and promoting you.

Liuwa Plains Zambia

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